Want To Step Up To Find Best Portable Fish Finder? You Need To Read This First

In modern fishing there are many gadgets that are supposed to make fishing easier. One of the most popular is the fish finder. Now there are many different fish finders. Some of them come as a combination fish finder and GPS system. I personally prefer the combination best fish finder and GPS.

In regards to cost, many of the websites I searched for these fish finders on actually offer discounts when you buy the fish finder with the combination GPS system. This saves money because in many cases that I’ve known people end up spending more when buying each separately.Best Portable Fish Finder

As for transportation, that’s a no brainer. Only carrying one gadget fishing is easier than two. Which also gives you a chance to add an extra pole or two to catch that trophy fish with.

I did some research to find out which fish finder was considered the best on the market. That is no easy task. Some people rate one as better than another but on a different website the opinion is exactly the opposite. I guess it all depends on the taste of the person doing the purchasing.

Now, there are more than one type of portable fish finder. First there is the kind that can be mounted on a boat. The Hummingbird 408120-1 and Garmin Echo 200 are two that are very popular, in that order. Another kind of portable fish finder is a handheld one, such as the NorCross HawkEye F33P. This handheld fish finder can fit in the palm of someone’s hand and is good if you are fishing from a small boat or kayak.Best Portable Fish Finder

Here is a website with all of this information on it that I found very helpful, www.fishfindly.com/best-portable-fish-finder/

I like researching equipment on review websites before actually going to the manufacturer website. Every company is going to promote their own products so getting other opinions is always a safe idea.

Now, I’m not saying that every person is going to agree with me on brands or whether the mounted or handheld fish finder is best. That all depends on a person’s taste. However, both have their strong points. Let me point out the ones I see for each product catagory.

Handheld Fish Finder:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Easily stashed in a coat pocket or bag
  • Easy to use in small watercraft

Mounted Fish Finder:

  • Can be purchased with a GPS already installed
  • Secure, can’t be lost by dropping it in the water
  • Screen is larger therefore a little easier to read

Again, these are the good qualities that I see in these products. Of course they have their not so good qualities too. More of the pros and cons of each of the products I have listed above can be found at the website included in this article. There are other fish finders as well in case none of the ones above suit your need or your price range. Personally I really like the handheld fish finder. Smaller bodies of water such as creeks and small rivers are where I like to fish so a smaller craft is better. Again it all depends on taste and suitability.

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