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Fly Fishing Tips

I have put together a list of fly fishing tips and tricks that are useful for beginners and seasoned fly fishing veterans alike. So here it goes…. Below are my fly fishing tips that will help you to catch more fish (hopefully a couple of trophy fish….) while preserving the life of your fishing gear.

Fly Fishing Tips

Fly Fishing Tips

When fishing in clear water, streamers with large painted fly eyes will usually get more strikes. When painting large eyes, consider painting them on feathers. You can take goose or duck breast feathers.

Take photographs lakes, rivers, and reservoirs while water levels are low or while they are being drained. This will help you identify possible hiding structures that fish may leverage to hide once the water level rises.

Looking for wakes going against the current especially in shallow waters, as this usually indicates that fish are moving just below the surface which in turn creates small wakes or ripples which may move in the opposite direction of the current.

If you are looking to add additional weight to your streamer to get your fly to sink quicker, consider adding eyes that are made out of the lead. This attracts fish while assisting your sink rate.

Cool dams have traditional been a great holding place for trout because they provide large flows of cool water that contain large amounts of bait fish that get drawn into the damn.

When your flies have a tendency to get squashed and out-of-shape, try to dampen your flies and place them in a mesh filter. You can then use a blow-dryer on the medium or hot setting to return your fly back to its original shape.
Another fly fishing tip to remember is whenever possible, try to remain in a shaded area, as you will be less likely to be detected as opposed to standing in a sun-lit area. I know this one is obvious, but sometimes it can make a world of difference for you.
Try not to waste valuable time on the water dressing your dry flies so that they will float. Rather, after you complete tying your flies, wait until the cement is dry, and then apply some dry fly oil, so this way they are treated ahead of time.